More Than A Coach

In December 1977, a 48-year-old Bobby Bowden sat down with a young reporter for a post-season interview on WFSU-TV. Just five years removed from the Seminoles’ 0-11 season in 1972, the squad had managed an impressive 10-2 season. Bowden, sporting a full-head of solid brown hair and a red dress shirt with a large collar that flared out wide over the top of his white jacket, reflected on his second season as head coach.

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It’s a Stretch: New Yorkers Mixing Beer and Yoga

It’s a quiet Sunday morning in Yonkers as Ashling Baker Linehan carefully arranges her mat in front of a large set of blue lockers with painted beer growlers on top. Behind her a mounted flat screen television broadcasts the food network, adjacent to the merchandise counter and bar area where water pitchers and glasses have been set up for the nine patrons— five women and four men. A foosball table and barstools have been moved aside to clear floor space for the yogis.

“If anyone needs any props,” Baker Linehan says, setting down two brick-shaped foam blocks in the middle of the group. Continue reading “It’s a Stretch: New Yorkers Mixing Beer and Yoga”

To Group or Not to Group

Group workouts are all the craze these days, but are they really better?

It’s a windy March evening in Manhattan’s East River Park as the setting sun turns the Williamsburg skyline across the river orange. The track is wet and riddled with small puddles. By 7:15, more than twenty people have congregated behind the soccer goal on the south end of the field.

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Monday Night Arraignments

“Mr. Julio, you better be there or you will be in big trouble, do you understand?” The honorable Louis Nock rarely addresses the defendant directly, but after denying the People’s motion for bail, the judge wants to be thorough.

Mr. Julio nods. His crimson underwear stands out from his otherwise all black jeans, boots, leather jacket and dark hair as he adjusts his sagging pants. Mr. Julio was arrested for possession of marijuana and will be expected to return to court November 14th. Continue reading “Monday Night Arraignments”